Power Plant Projects

We Construct EPC and PMC the entire value chain in the Power sector, including power generation, transmission, last mile distribution, smart grid solutions and inspections. We have expertise in Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant and Balance of Plant on EPC basis for super critical and subcritical Coal based power plants. The company also provides wet limestone based and Sea waterbased Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) systems. It has an established global supply chain and relationships with leading global technology providers.

Our Power Transmission & Distribution business vertical offers integrated solutions for a broad spectrum of power transmission and distribution projects including transmission lines, substations, utility power distribution, infrastructure & industrial electrification. We can design, manufacture, supply, construct, test and commission transmission & EHV (Extra High Voltage) lines on a turnkey basis. We can construct microwave towers. In the area of substations, we can build Air Insulated Substations (AIS) of up to 1,200 kV and Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) of up to 765 kV. Under ‘Utility Power Distribution’, we provide comprehensive solutions to improve quality of power, smart grids, SCADA systems and distribution reform projects across the country. We provide turnkey electrification, instrumentation and communication solutions for a whole gamut of core industries including power, infra projects, IT parks, airports, seaports, metros, intra-city power transmission networks, Balance of Plant (E-BoP and I-BoP) works for power and infrastructure projects and optic fibre cabling solutions for backbone access networks.

  Type of Power Plant

  1. Diesel power plant
  2. Coal power plant
  3. Gas power plant
  4. Solar power plant
  5. Geothermal power plant
  6. Hydroelectric power plant
  7. Nuclear power plant
  8. Tidal power plant
  9. Wind power plant