Mature Fields Consulting Increasing production, adding reserves and reducing costs As a field’s lifecycle plays out and production declines, the question becomes, “How can we keep this field profitable?” Our Mature Field consultants address this question by rapidly applying global best practices and new technologies that will work best in your specific field. Immediate P&L impact Most of IEPC’s mature-field engagements are designed to have immediate impact through some type of intervention: What can we do to get more oil and gas out of existing wells? After reviewing well data and prioritizing needs, IEPC recommends and implements solutions that address underperforming wells, address artificial lift challenges and address operational issues. Reservoir rediscovery Technologies and techniques for optimizing recovery have progressed far beyond when many mature reservoirs were first assessed decades ago.  As a result, there are vast opportunities to increase recovery by 5, 10 or even up to 15% through improved or enhanced oil recovery.  In fact, by 2021 over 40% of global oil production will be due to enhanced oil recovery (EOR). IEPC also reevaluates well logs and seismic data using new tools and techniques designed to pinpoint pockets of bypassed pay. The objective: identify remaining reserves, develop infill-drilling programs, and pinpoint opportunities for enhanced recovery. Reservoir EOR Solution Increasing NPV 300% Current average worldwide oil recovery factor is 35%; increasing just 1% represents more than a year of worldwide consumption. Therefore, with the current oil price scenario, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is very attractive for Operators as a method for increasing reserves, production and final recovery. IEPC Consulting is uniquely capable of generating successful studies that cover all flooding project phases, from EOR methods screening to the design of the monitoring and control program for pilot and full-field deployment. These studies include thermal, chemical and miscible gas methods, along with waterflooding and have led, one case to increase the NPV of a field by 300%. The common denominators of each phase of our EOR studies are: integration of solutions, risks estimation and definition of mitigation actions and, identification of supplementary technology needs.  The starting point is the asset’s current status evaluation and the identification of opportunities for both quick win and optimization of what is already in place. The EOR screening that follows is supported by our Subject Matter Expert criteria. For the ranking, pilot design and full-field deployment design we use proprietary, as well as third party software. Our proprietary stochastic machine can couple with common commercial spreadsheets, material balance and reservoir numerical simulators to generate a unique probabilistic view of all opportunities to optimize all steps of the EOR planning phase. Cost-effective well abandonment When economics finally turn against operators, the best way to make money is to stop losing it. When a well or field is no longer covering its operating costs and there is no hope of turning it around, prudence calls for devising the most cost-effective, yet environmentally responsible, well abandonment strategies possible. This represents another one of IEPC’s areas of expertise. Our Focus: Increasing your return on investment and net present value by improving both well and field productivity   Unconventional Resources Consulting Success in extracting hydrocarbons from shale and other low-permeability formations has transformed the energy landscape in the Unites States. Now, the lessons learned and the technologies developed for American shales are being applied to development of unconventional basins around the world. What Can IEPC Consulting Do for You in Unconventional ? We have the people
  • We can provide an integrated team of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and drilling and completions personnel that works with the client’s team on the project to maximize exploration efficiency.
  • Our team members are multi-lingual and distributed around the world. They all have experience in IEPC’s technologies for unconventional reservoirs.
  • We have expert shale project managers, who can drive efficiencies throughout your shale development program execution.
  • Our Subject Matter Experts  have more than 400 years of aggregate industry experience. They adapt to become part of client’s team and provide knowledge transfer.
We have the processes
  • We utilize a proven exploration workflow to facilitate effective screening of potential shale opportunities and identification of “sweet spots” for pilot well drilling.
  • We can simulate reservoir behavior and predict production depending on well architecture and fracturing treatment.
  • We can create full field development plans, with specific consideration for surface restrictions and subsurface characteristics for maximum shale productivity.
We have the technology
  • CYPHERsm seismic-to-stimulation service encompasses all key modules for unconventional field development, from basin modeling through to production analysis and field optimization. At its center is a fast-loop, fully integrated, continuously refined Asset Model. The model integrates all reservoir properties to improve well placement, completion design, and well and field performance.
  • Access to state-of-the-art visualization facilities and computing capability enabling collaborative working environments and potential for high-resolution reservoir modeling.
  • We apply IEPC’s global experience in unconventional reservoirs, transferring expertise from North American shale plays.

Integrated Reservoir Characterization

0 As exploration and production companies try to understand more and more about their assets, it is evident that no single discipline can provide a full description of the reservoir characteristics. In order to create the most comprehensive reservoir understanding, an integrated reservoir model has become increasingly important. The integrated reservoir model compiles geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data into one environment, where they can be used to create the most realistic geologic model available. IEPC Consulting offers a team of experienced geoscientists and engineers that understand how to properly integrate the geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering information consistently, which is critical to the success of any modeling project. Our Reservoir Characterization team has the experience and techniques to build robust models that will be useful for both day to day field monitoring and long-term field development planning.
  • Petrophysics – Understanding well log measurements and properly calibrating all available data is a critical step in characterizing a reservoir. Our experienced petrophysical staff use cutting edge technology to analyze and condition well logs for optimal characterization results.
  • Seismic Interpretation and Attribute Analysis – Industry-leading software is leveraged to provide our customers with the most accurate interpretations and attribute analysis. Seismic attributes are important for understanding rock characteristics away from the well bore, and properly interpreted volumes are necessary to define faults and other geologic structures.
  • Geomodeling – A key tool for understanding reservoir behavior is the geologic model. The static model is manipulated through many possible iterations, giving customers a view of a range of reservoir scenarios. Scenario results are then statistically analyzed to focus on the most probable reservoir conditions.
  • Volumetrics – Volumetric reservoir calculations are determined by examining the many realizations from the reservoir simulation, and provide a range of possible values in the form of P10, P50, P90 estimates.
Field Development Planning (FDP) Consulting   2 Developing Custom-Designed Field Development Plans Field Development Planning is the daunting process of evaluating multiple development options for a field and selecting the best option based on assessing tradeoffs among multiple factors:
  • Net present value, typically the key driver of decisions for publicly-traded operators.
  • Oil and gas recovery, which is heavily valued by National Oil Companies and regulators.
  • Operational flexibility and scalability, particularly important factors for deep water and unconventional developments
  • Capital versus operating cost profiles, with cash-constrained operators often favoring solutions that minimize up-front capital spending.
  • Technical, operating and financial risks.
Investors set oil company valuations in part on the company’s ability to design and execute credible field development plans. As a result, oil and gas company management is under increasing pressure from investors to translate discoveries into cash flow as quickly as possible. On the other hand, growing field complexity in many parts of the world has made field development plans (FDPs) increasingly difficult to formulate and execute. Industry studies have shown that FDPs routinely over-estimate field production rates and ultimate recovery due to causes ranging from poor initial characterization of the reservoir to not fully integrating available development technologies. IEPC Consulting helps other PSL’s integrate IEPC’s best practices and workflows to support operators in formulating integrated field development plans that achieve operational and financial success: IEPC Consulting has expertise when to apply game-changing technologies across the field development landscape:
  • Advanced geophysical and logging technologies to help characterize reservoirs and identify potential “sweet spots”
  • Drilling, completion and stimulation technologies to enhance reservoir contact, well productivity and ultimate recovery
  • Lift and flow assurance technologies to ensure high well deliverability
  • Implementation of digital oilfield technologies to optimize surface and subsurface assets and enhance production.
IEPC Consulting has an experienced team of consultants with integrated field development experience around the world. Our team uses Front End Loading and Rapid Prototyping to formulate FDPs efficiently:
  • Risk management software to help in modeling multiple uncertainties at a field or portfolio level
  • Well planning and design software
  • Modeling and simulation software at the well and field levels
  • Software to enable rapid assessment of field development options and costs for offshore fields
  • Industry-leading reservoir characterization, drilling, completion and stimulation technologies.
IEPC Consulting’s experience includes formulating multiple large-scale integrated field development plans around the world. Well Engineering Solutions 3 IEPC Well Engineering consultants develop reliable, efficient drilling programs and designs that reduce risk and costs while improving safety, rate of penetration (ROP) and production. Global design-to-delivery capability IEPC Consulting offers Well Engineering Solutions worldwide. IEPC can perform comprehensive well design or consult on specific issues; generally well design services have three main objectives:
  • Optimizing the number of wellbores for best reservoir drainage
  • Optimizing wellbore designs for safety, speed and cost
  • Designing wells to reduce or eliminate unscheduled events and non-productive time
To achieve these objectives, IEPC integrates world-class capabilities in well engineering, tubular design, geomechanics and real-time solutions. Maximizing drainage with fewest wells The least expensive well is the one you don’t have to drill. Our Collaborative Well Planning service enables engineers and geoscientists to maximize reservoir drainage with the fewest wells possible by understanding each other’s constraints. As a result, our recommended targets and well paths also avoid collisions and subsurface hazards that cause NPT or HSE issues. Optimizing wellbore stability for safety, speed, cost If not understood, pore-pressure and wellbore-stability issues can lead to costly equipment failures and nonproductive time. Risks include stuck pipe, lost circulation, wellbore collapse, blowouts, safety, environmental consequences and production loss. To help avoid such problems, IEPC geomechanics specialists utilize the Landmark Drillworks® software to make predictions of the Earth pressure and stress in support of well design, and in real-time to support drilling operations. Further analyses with finite element models for damage continuum modeling and basin scale geologic models create a comprehensive set of capabilities that support higher levels of risk reduction, cost savings and improved drilling performance. Safe, reliable design for extreme environments IEPC Consulting design wells that keep oil and gas flowing even in extreme environments using Landmark WELLCAT™ Casing and Tubing Design Analysis software. Its advanced capabilities help IEPC:
  • Simulate fluid and heat transfer during completion, production, stimulation, testing, and well-servicing operations
  • Analyze tubing loads and movements, buckling behavior, and design integrity
  • Predict pressure and volume changes due to annular pressure buildup
Next generation real-time capabilities IEPC also takes well design into execution with real-time operating centers. Our integrated workflows help optimize drilling operations by connecting multiple capabilities. From bit and bottom-hole-assembly design to fluids, geomechanics and directional drilling, IEPC can help you monitor and optimize operations more efficiently and reliably than ever. Through years of experience and countless projects we have developed advanced workflows that offer much more than simple monitoring of drilling parameters; our real-time solutions produce measurable performance results that can significantly impact your operations whether on land or in deepwater.  

Performance Improvement

4 Clients come to us every day with their biggest technical challenges. To maximize our customers’ results, IEPC helps with business performance issues, process design, organization and operations challenges, as well as company and individual staff capability and skills development. If operational or organizational issues keep you from realizing the full potential of your oil or gas asset, IEPC Consulting’s Performance Improvement and Capability Development team can help. Compared to generalist management consulting companies, our oilfield understanding and technical expertise connects with our customers’ issues and resonates with their staff to produce better results faster.