Well Intervention

Well Intervention 24       IEPC rigless well intervention services are cost-effective when compared to drilling rigs and workovers. With our coiled tubing, hydraulic workover, electric wireline and slickline capabilities, we can provide such services as electric logs, drilling, perforating tubing or casing, pumping and stimulation, sand control completions, well control, snubbing, recompletion, abandonment and well evaluation. We are the leading provider of rigless interventions, including live well interventions that maintain or increase well productivity in your fields. You have a challenge, we have a solution Whether your challenge is to shut off unwanted water, stop sand production, remove scale, improve near wellbore conductivity, re-stimulate the reservoir or remove blockage in surface flowlines, IEPC has the solutions and methods to deploy them. Our ACTIVATE® refracturing service leverages subsurface insight expertise and breakthrough diversion technology through AccessFrac® stimulation service to perform a rigless intervention and help you improve reservoir access. This is achieved predictively and repeatedly at one-third the cost of a new drill. With SPECTRUM℠ Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services, we combine intervention and diagnostic services to help you monitor and optimize job performance in real-time, resulting in greater efficiency, increased reliability, and higher return on investment. SPECTRUM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services can be combined with standard coiled tubing applications and downhole tools to obtain vital well data in conjunction with other well intervention services to deliver customized intervention solutions and maximize a single trip downhole. Whatever your well intervention challenge, we'll collaborate with you to find the right solution and get results together.

Coiled Tubing

25 Coiled Tubing services provide customers with reliable, efficient well intervention for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells. With our highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, we can customize the service for job-specific requirements. We provide exactly what our customers need to get the job done. This lets us deliver safe, cost-effective solutions for virtually any operational challenge, including high-pressure/high-temperature and H2S applications. Our highly trained and experienced engineers analyze well characteristics and use advanced predictive modeling to determine the most effective solution to help maximize efficiency and productivity. We also offer complete data acquisition to provide our clients with a comprehensive record of critical job parameters.

Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing

26 IEPC offers economical completions and workover solutions when the well is under pressure and when traditional rigs aren’t viable. Our self-contained, portable hydraulic workover units are smaller, lighter and quicker to set up than traditional rigs. This makes them an economical choice for routine well maintenance, live well interventions and well re-entry operations. We are the leader in hydraulic workovers, with the safest, most reliable equipment and experienced personnel in the industry. Safety Is Our Priority Our latest technological improvement is geared towards safety.  The uniquely designed slip interlock system prevents the opening of both slip bowls at the same time, using pressure and position sensors. This enhanced safety feature greatly reduces the possibility of pipe being dropped or blown out of the well. It helps provide protection against operator error, mechanical failure, power loss, low operating pressure or an obstruction.


27 IEPC invented slickline services more than 75 years ago. You could say we taught the competition everything they know. But we didn't teach them everything we know. Today, to cut well intervention costs and boost production, we collaborate closely with you in every part of the world. It's not surprising that everything starts with experienced, well-trained IEPC professionals who help cut the frequency of trips into the well and restore full production with minimum NPT and innovative solutions. Count on us to provide every slickline capability from basic completion intervention applications to advanced services, from recording accurate flow profiles or reservoir boundaries to perforating, setting packers, and other mechanical interventions typically performed on electric line. Here's where you'll find slickline technologies brought to the peak of performance – as only our team members can.