Well Control

Well Control & Prevention Services Addressing the industry's most challenging well control problems 24/7 Emergency Response Services Boots & Coots Services has the knowledge and experience to address the industry's most challenging well control problems — onshore, offshore, and subsea. Our specialists are on call 24/7 and will respond immediately to assist with assessment or mobilization of personnel and equipment. We have equipment staged strategically around the world and the logistical experience to deploy to most any country. Prevention Services Contingency planning can prevent well control emergencies or lessen their effects. We offer a wide array of prevention services from Well Control Contingency Plans, to insurance through the WELLSURE® program, to inspection services and more. For dealing with well control emergencies, we've built a reputation on a wealth of knowledge among our team of engineers and can bring the collective experience to challenges ranging from well blowouts to relief well implementation. Control of Well Insurance Program The WELLSURE® Program is a unique bundled package that includes a full range of Boots & Coots well control services, prevention services, and post-response services as part of the operator's extra-expense insurance package. Well Control Engineering When drilling a relief well, accurate target well interception and successful well killing operations are highly challenging. Flawless execution depends on a combination of experience, technology, and other resources. The necessary critical tasks demand high levels of competency in engineering and project management. Boots & Coots has the capabilities and the access to a comprehensive range of Halliburton services to successfully manage your relief well project. Well Special Services Boots & Coots has extensive global experience in hot tapping, gate valve drilling and freeze job operations in locations around the world. Subsea Response Boots & Coots offers a unique suite of Subsea Response services including the first truly air mobile Capping Stack, containment systems, and physics-based modeling capability. Well Control The most experienced personnel to respond to any well control situation 24/7 Do you have a critical well control or high-pressure / high-temperature event? Boots & Coots Services is the one company operators rely on for the most complex pressure control situations. Boots & Coots well control response team is staffed with the most experienced personnel to respond to any well control situation. Boots & Coots response services include:
  • Fire fighting
  • Kick resolution
  • Undergrown flows and uncontrolled kicks
  • Re-heading services
  • High pressure/high temperature onsite support
  • Blowout response procedures
  • Well kill operations
Boots & Coots well control response planning includes:
  • Well control engineering: kick modeling, kick tolerance, hydraulics and ECD modelling, temperature profile, fluid PVT, reservoir performance, dynamic kill modeling
  • Capping stack deployment modeling
  • Documented and tested emergency response procedures
  • Well control trainingPrevention Services Save time and money by reducing the frequency and consequences of critical well events Identification and management of risks are important aspects of business management. It is even more relevant when we talk about oil and gas exploration and production fields. Our prevention programs and services can help save time and money by reducing the frequency and consequences of critical well events. Prevention Services fall in the following categories:
    • Well Control Contingency Planning Services
    • Well Control Audits
    • Well-based Underground Storage
    • Emergency Response Drills
    • Drill Well on Paper
    • Hazard Operability Study
    • Hazard Identification Study
    Control of Well Insurance Program No one is better prepared to deliver a prevention, response and restoration program than Boots & Coots Initiated in 1997, the WELLSURE® Program is the product of a special alliance between Boots & Coots Services, Global Special Risks, a leading international Managing General Agent, and Underwriters at Lloyd's of London. The result is a unique bundled package that includes a full range of Boots & Coots' well control prevention and post-response services as part of clients' OEE insurance package. Boots & Coots Services is the alliance service partner responsible for delivering a non-intrusive risk management program to our clients. Our services are designed to alleviate the burden of emergency response and achieve cost management and control for all involved parties. As our company is recognized as a leader in blowout control and emergency response is our heritage, no one is better prepared to deliver a prevention, response and restoration program than Boots & Coots. Critical Well Control Services For WELLSURE® clients who find themselves in an operational risk or pressure control situation, Boots & Coots will, at no charge for the first 48 hours, dispatch a well controlspecialist or engineer to the wellsite. The engineer or well control specialist will act as an advisor to the operator doing the work to control the problem and to prevent an escalation into a blowout situation. Under the WELLSURE® Program, Boots & Coots has the expertise to provide assistance in the following areas:
    • Drilling transition zones and managing pressure control situations
    • Dealing with loss of circulation material and gunk squeezing
    • Stripping drill pipe under pressure
    • Freezing and hot tapping
    • Running or pulling pipe with minimal trip margin
    • Setting barite plugs or weighted pills to control pressured gas or water zones
    With these services, the operator remains in complete control, and the Boots & Coots representative provides onsite technical support. Well Plan Review This is an engineering analysis of the mechanical design and operational drilling plan for any well that meets the definition of ‘critical well' according to the control of well insurance policy. The primary purpose of the Well Plan Review is to provide the company's engineering operations group with reasonable suggestions to prevent well control issues and a report to certify the drilling plan conforms to accepted industry practices. WELLSURE® customers also have access to the full suite of Boots & Coots audit services including:
    • Well Control Readiness Audit
    • Wellhead Audit
    • Well Control Proficiency Assessment
    • Frac Audit
    • Hydraulic Workover-Completion Audit
    • Coiled Tubing Audit
    • Snubbing Audit
    • Flowback Audit
    • Wireline Audit
    • Offshore Audit
    • Jack-Up Audit
    • Third Party OEM Witnessing
    • Well Control Engineering

      Our degreed engineers apply many years of experience and innovative expertise to solve problems our clients encounter

      The Boots & Coots Well Control Engineering team includes engineering specialists with graduate and post-graduate degrees, experienced in all phases of drilling and production operations in a wide range of exploration and operating environments, including deep water and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT). Often called upon for their front-end engineering design, well control technical advice and project management support of client operations, our engineers specialize in relief well services, dynamic kill analysis, dispersion modeling, and radiant heat analysis. 2323 23Regularly based in the client’s office, Boots & Coots engineers are involved in the daily planning, front-end engineering, and, if necessary, crisis management. They also provide a directconduit to the specialized talent and resources of Halliburton on a regional and global scale, with access to a wide range of tools for reservoir characterization. Our engineers apply years of experience to solve the unique problems our clients encounter, assisting in robust design and implementation of a safe and effective well control operation and providing a full suite of custom-tailored solutions and support. Well Special Services Reduce well integrity issues, downtown, and the cost associated with this by using the industry experts for well special services Boots & Coots has extensive global experience in hot tapping, gate valve drilling and freeze job operations in locations around the world. This experience ranges from planned operations to emergency response jobs and includes onshore, offshore, and subsea operations. Special Services fall into the following categories:
      • Gate Valve Drilling
      • Well Hot Tap
      • Well Freeze Services
      Boots & Coots also performs wellhead services including:
      • Maintenance
      • Intervention
      • Reheading
      • Subsea Response The industry's fastest response to subsea loss of source control, response activity and equipment   Our RapidCap™ is the first truly air-mobile subsea capping stack in the industry. The Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠) includes the air-mobile designed RapidCap as the centerpiece of the package. The package include the air-mobile ‘Top Hat’, necessary manifolds, a variety of debris removal and cutting tools, and wellhead dispersant connectors. Coupled with Boots & Coots’ industry leading Relief Well Service, GRIP represents a major advancement in subsea response by providing the most rapid response possible. Subsea response products/services include:
        • GRIP℠
        • Subsea Plume Analysis
        • Capping Stack Deployment Model
        • R360
        • Relief Well Planning
        • REC2AP