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We combine world-class design with extensive practical delivery expertise to produce effective subsea engineering solutions which enhance project value. From optimising subsea layouts to detailed design of subsea equipment, our independence, objectivity and global network of experienced engineers assure the most fit-for-purpose solution. We provide impartial assessment of development scenarios, installation alternatives and equipment options, leveraging our knowledge base accumulated over 35 years of experience in all subsea basins across the globe. The depth of our subsea experience applies to renewable energy. For more than 14 years we have been at the forefront of the marine and offshore renewable industries. We provide technical rigour for our customers in the areas of offshore design and project management; subsea cable and subsea infrastructure design and installation management. Focused on value-added solutions, our multi-disciplined teams and technical authorities apply the latest engineering tools and best practice to ensure consistent and efficient engineering delivery every time.   As our industry continues its commitment to procure oil and gas from around the world in safe and environmentally sensitive ways, IEPC is proud to offer innovative subsea safety systems to match your exploratory and production well needs. IEPC’s subsea safety systems challenge the status quo by offering solutions that are simple and straightforward – Working with you to make deepwater safety concerns uncomplicated.  By incorporating the latest advances in design and technology, the IEPC Veto™ Subsea Safety System and Electrohydraulic control system provide operators with the comprehensive subsea well control that’s required in today’s highly demanding and regulated deepwater environments. Subsea LNG Cryogenic Pipeline Abstract The IEPC LNG pipeline technology uses a highly-efficient thermal nano-porous insulation in the annular space, between the inner and outer pipes, and this material is kept in an ambient pressure environment. The nano-porous insulation is hydro-phobic, in that the pour spaces are smaller than the molecules of water; therefore, the insulation does not absorb water. In addition, the insulation does not degrade in the presence of water or moisture, an important consideration for thermal efficiency and for operational maintenance. One novelty of the present IEPC LNG pipeline technology is the application of high-strength 9% Ni alloy steel pipe, metallic bulkheads and spaces to cryogenic product pipelines. As a result, the pipeline bundle configuration is a structural element, which addresses the thermal contraction and expansion loads, without resorting to expansion bellows or ultra-low thermal contraction alloys. Client Benefits IEPC's Subsea LNG pipeline technology focuses on providing the following solutions to IEPC's Offshore Clients:
  • Lower costs to build,
  • Better reliability,
  • Resistant to water ingress,
  • Better life cycle costs,
  • Takes advantage of the inherent cold energy in LNG, while maintaining robust plant operations with minimum impact on the environment.
  • It can be used on offshore, onshore or terminal applications.
Subsea Pipelines and Flow Assurance IEPC has designed some of the world’s largest and longest offshore pipelines, successfully designing pipelines and flowlines to carry oil, gas, multi-phase production, gas condensate and liquefied natural gas (LNG). IEPC provides engineering, fabrication, procurement, construction management and project management, as well as operation and maintenance services, on subsea and deep water projects around the world. Engineering design expertise includes:
  • Configurations of pipe-in-pipe, bundles, heated pipelines, wet insulated and single pipelines
  • Shallow to ultra-deep water
  • Short tiebacks to long step-outs, complicated subsea architecture and export pipelines
  • Upheaval / lateral buckling analysis
IEPC Offshore Solutions has an experienced staff in deep water riser design including:
  • Flexible risers
  • Hybrid risers
  • Installation analysis
  • Riser towers
    • Sage profile analysis of the profile and span length of a large diameter offshore pipeline
    • Steel catenary risers
    • Top tension risers
    • Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) analysis
    Flow Assurance
    • Consideration of new and emerging technologies, such as low dosage hydrate inhibitors and subsea processing
    • Fluent® / CFX® / ANSYS® / Abaqus® for FEA analysis of complex localized flow and heat transfer, and solidification / melting
    • OLGA® simulation of the operation to clear accumulated liquid in a steep uphill section of a subsea flowline.
    • OLGA / PVTsim flow assurance and fluid characterization simulators for addressing transient operational issues
    • PIPEPHASE® / PIPESIM® steady-state, multi-phase flow simulation software for analyzing normal operations