Gasification Gas to Liquid

Hydrocarbon Industries EPC Services for Gasification Plants, Gas-To-Liquids / Chemicals Facilities and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Facilities IEPC has years of experience providing life-cycle services to Clients in the hydrocarbon industries. Whether Clients require feasibility studies, plant expansions or a grassroots process facility, they look to our experience delivering complex projects in challenging locations. IEPC is a leader in gasification technology. We achieved this position in the marketplace by developing improved plant designs and maintaining a thorough knowledge of gasification technology and licensors. IEPC has executed more than 10 gasification projects globally and performed more than 23 gasification feasibility studies. Our expertise in this area, combined with experience in designing power plants, oil refineries, gas processing and synthesis facilities, gives Clients the confidence their facilities will be delivered safely, on schedule and within budget. IEPC designs gasification plants that are efficiently integrated into an oil refinery and produce both electricity and other valuable by-products. IEPC has worked with a variety of feedstocks including coal, petroleum coke and heavy oil. Each of these projects had specific downstream processing requirements and a wide range of end products and by-products. We have taken a leadership role in the development and execution of the majority of gas-to-liquids facilities operating around the world. This leadership role has included studies to support an owner's development of technology, cost estimates, optimization, process designs and detailed engineering and construction. We helped to develop the major Fischer-Tropsch plants in operation today. IEPC has expertise in gasification, reforming and reactor designs, as well as in converting stranded gas to liquids in an offshore environment.