Gas Processing and Gas treating

Gas Processing, Gas Treating and NGL Recovery Technologies IEPC constructed the world’s first turbo-expander plant for natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction. We continue to build on our position as a technology leader for the natural gas industry, with experience extending to more than 50 gas plants worldwide, assisting Clients with a full range of expertise essential to maximizing return on conventional, unconventional and specialized gas assets. This expertise includes solutions for gas processing, treating and NGL recovery, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other technologies and strategies for monetization of remote or “stranded” gas. IEPC's extensive gas-related project experience includes:
  • CO2, Nitrogen and Acid Gas Compression Systems for Sequestration, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
  • Gas Compression Systems for Transportation, Underground Storage and Reservoir Pressure Maintenance
  • Gas Treatment
  • LNG Liquefaction and LNG Regasification
  • NGL Recovery and Fractionation
  • Unconventional Gas Production
  • LNG Liquefaction and LNG Regasification
IEPC Has Been Involved in Gas Processing Projects with a Combined Capacity of More Than 15 MTPA on Five Continents. IEPC has served the gas processing industry for over half a century and has participated in a wide variety of liquefied natural gas (LNG) developments. These LNG activities include liquefaction, floating LNG, utilities and offsites and regasification terminals. Three principles in IEPC’s culture enable our Clients to receive maximum benefits:
  • Depth of Experience - Experienced staff that can apply the best technology to your projects
  • Project Specific Knowledge - Teams that understand the complexity of executing LNG projects
  • Search for Innovation - Value-added solutions to minimize capital and operating costs
Comprehensive Base of LNG Facilities Experience
  • Combined Heat and Power Systems
  • Flare analysis and design
  • Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) specification and procurement
  • Gas treating and contaminants removal
  • Invar Solutions for FSRU Jetty Refurbishment
  • Liquefaction processes
  • LNG peak shaving plants
  • LNG boil-off and vapor recovery systems
  • LNG loading / unloading terminals
  • LNG safety and risk analysis
  • LNG storage and Jetty Designs
  • LNG truck loading
  • Marine facilities
  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) recovery and fractionation
  • Pipe in Pipe solutions for remote access of the LNG Carrier
  • Seawater system design and environmental mitigation
  • Utilities and Offsites (U&O)
IEPC’s work in LNG has included feasibility studies, technology evaluations, technical audits, process equipment optimization and selection, basic design, project specifications development, permitting support, front-end engineering and design (FEED), detailed engineering, procurement, construction, start-up assistance and maintenance support. The combination of both LNG and marine terminal capabilities, along with project management and financing expertise, has placed IEPC in the forefront of LNG receiving terminal design.