Fluid Services

Custom Drilling Waste Management Solutions We are not a one size fits all solids control equipment provider. To deliver totally customized waste management solutions, we leverage a broad portfolio of modular or mobile technologies to deploy unique configurations tailored to your operating needs. From centrifuges to cuttings dryers, vacuums and conveyance systems to thermal processing units, we have the right products to tackle any challenge, and the expertly trained personnel to implement the ideal solution. Maximize Drilling Efficiency By adopting a flexible approach to operations, technology and logistics, we are able to balance the complexities of regulatory and economic conditions to design and deploy the best-fit waste management solution that maximizes drilling efficiency. Environmental Leadership We deliver waste management solutions designed to meet or exceed the environmental regulations for your projects. Waste reductions, fluids reuse, and advanced cuttings treatments all help limit the amount of waste transportation and reduce your risk for environmental incidents. Reduce Overall Costs Efficient solutions help reduce waste treatment time, transportation and handling, and help alleviate logistics challenges. Our customized waste management solutions are designed to provide these efficiencies and help you reduce the overall cost of your well operations

Solids Control Equipment & Services

Solids Control solutions engineered for drilling efficiency

We collaborate with you every step of the way to develop the ideal match of technologies and services to optimize your solids control system and maximize fluid performance. We look at all pieces of the system to identify your needs and make recommendations from our extensive portfolio of shale shakers, screens, centrifuges, and cuttings dryers. We strive to increase efficiency and maintain fluid consistency so you can keep your operation running smoothly.

Maximize solids removal and minimize cost

Effectively and efficiently removing solids helps to lower fluid dilution rates and decrease the volume of required additives. This helps reduce the cost of maintaining fluid properties, and can reduce or eliminate the volume of solid and liquid waste that must be transported for disposal. Our expertly trained personnel can design solutions that deliver maximum solids removal to help you minimize your operational expenses.

Improve drilling performance

Maintaining fluid properties helps increase drilling efficiency and overall performance. Predictable fluid densities and rheologies are critical to keep wellbore integrity intact, and effective solids removal is a key component to ensure fluid consistency. Baroid has a range of technologies and services to help you clear solids from your circulating system, so your fluid performs to its maximum potential and your drilling operations run at safe and sustainable rates.

Reservoir Fluids Solutions

Custom reservoir fluid solutions Our reservoir fluid solutions help prepare, repair, cleanout and complete the wellbore. Additional care is taken with each solution to ensure it has been engineered and then customized to minimize damage to the producing zone. Maximize your well production or injection Producing zones are the reason you drill—and these zones need all the care and attention that a custom reservoir fluid solution can provide. Realizing that a drilling fluid could damage a reservoir’s productivity, Baroid pioneered the study of reservoir drilling. Today our solutions not only preserve the reservoir’s innate permeability, but our solutions can actually enhance productivity to the core’s native potential. Increase your completion efficiency An unclean wellbore leads to completion failures and re-runs—all of which take up valuable rig time and lead to a higher well construction bill. That’s why we believe that the efficient completion of your well starts with effective wellbore clean-up and displacement. After displacement, Baroid leverages a variety of reservoir fluid solutions to ensure the best possible scenario for your completion. Assurance of results At Baroid, all of our processes are interlinked and work together to make our approach unique. They ensure consistent and reliable delivery of customized solutions around the world. Rigorous adherence to our process helps to manage risk and improve safety

Drilling Fluids Solutions

  Custom drilling fluid solutions No two resource plays or even wellbores are the same. There is of course learning to be gained from similar situations, but that does not mean you can adopt a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we chose to invest in the people, processes and technology to engineer and customize drilling fluid solutions for every specific well.  More accurate planning and monitoring Besides our fluids systems and chemistries, we’ve made significant investments in digital technology in order to gather and analyze data and respond more proactively. These technologies help us to not only alleviate problems as they arise but better yet, predict and avoid them all together.  Risk mitigation and safety The rigor and thoroughness of our mainstay processes, adaptation of digital technology, and focus on engineering fluid solutions customized to local conditions helps us to manage risk and improve safety at your well site.  Increase your performance Our industry-leading technologies, customized approach and rigorous process have been developed for any resource play, anywhere in the world.  Once the fluid solution has been customized, the process focuses on proactive monitoring and continual improvement to optimize drilling performance.