Fabrication & Supply

Welcome  to IEPC excellence providing quality in products for the Oil & Gas Industry. We   are an ASME Pressure vessel code manufacturer and National Board register. High  quality welding fabrication. We can design and build your custom project. Our  welding shop has state of the art welding machines, bands, hydrostatic  equipment, sub-arc welding machines, rollers, positioners and ASME qualified  welders. We can complete multiple task with out a lot of set up time. We have  Quality Control System and qualified welding procedures according to ASME and AWS. IEPC is one of the leading industrial steel fabrication company manufacturing and exporting pressure vessels, distillation columns, control structures for distillation columns, industrial boilers, filter vessels, heat exchangers & wind power generation equipment. We are in the business of design, manufacture and supply of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and hydrogen plants on a turnkey basis.

Product Range

  • Dow Therm Condensers and Coolers
  • Inter Coolers & After Coolers
  • Tube in Tube process Heat Exchanges
  • Oil Coolers
  • Bare Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Shell & Tube Dx-Chillers
  • Finned Tube Process Heat Exchangers
  • Air Heaters
  • H.P. & L.P. Feed Water Heaters
  • Pressure Vessels & Coded Pressure Vessles
  • Surface Condensers
  • Steam coil Air Heaters
  • LPG-Bullets
  • Shell And Tube Condensers
Cryogenic Vessel for Storage &Transportation of liquid, O2, N2 & Ar Control Structures for Distillation Column Distillation Columns

Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers

Storage & Transportation Tank for LPG, Propane, Ammonia, Ethylene Oxide Pressure Vessels Steel Fabrication CO2 Recovery Plant Carbon Dioxide Storage & Transportation Tanks Dry Ice Production Plant Nitrous Oxide Plants Pressure Vessels Deaerators Distillation Columns
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Dow Therm Condensers and Coolers
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges Inter Coolers & After Coolers
Tube in Tube process Heat Exchanges Oil Coolers
Bare Tube Heat Exchangers Shell & Tube Dx-Chillers
Finned Tube Process Heat Exchangers Air Heaters
H.P. & L.P. Feed Water Heaters Pressure Vessels & Coded Pressure Vessles
Surface Condensers Columns
Steam coil Air Heaters
Shell And Tube Condensers
  Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 01 The manufacturing facility is well supported by in house design facility equipped with latest softwares & design codes and welding development department to establish manufacturing process for any new material. Apart fom Bare Tube, PAT has hands on experience to design and manufacture Shell & Tube heat Excnagers from Integral Finned Tubes (Lo fin) as well as Rectangle Finned Tubes (For Air & Oil Cooling Applicatin). 02 03 04


We design Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plants for the recovery of CO2 from various sources having raw gas (impure CO2) with a purity as low as 80% to deliver final product CO2 having a purity as high as 99.98%. Breweries and distilleries can recover the impure CO2 emanating from their fermentation process and increase the concentration of CO2 in the gas up-to 99.98%. Typically such ventures are set up by breweries for the purpose of consuming the purified CO2 in their own process of producing and bottling beer. 07

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Furthermore, even merchant plants can be set up by recovering CO2 from distilleries, breweries, ammonia production plants etc. The final product CO2 derived from such processing is by far the most economically feasible method of producing and selling CO2in the MARKET for various applications in soft drink bottling plants, breweries, automobile units, foundries etc. In countries where oil / gas resources are scarce and the cost is high, a CO2 recovery plant is a good option for the production of purified CO2.

CO2 Recovery Process

  • FOAM TRAP- This process removes the foam carryover from fermentors.
  • BOOSTER PUMP- This maintains the required pressure in the raw CO2 line from the fermentors.
  • SCRUBBER- In this process water-soluble impurities, mainly alcohol, are removed from raw CO2 by washing with water.
  • CO2COMPRESSOR - Generally a two stage, OIL free compressor is used to compress raw CO2 up-to a pressure of 18-20 bars. At the downstream of the CO2 compressor is installed an after-cooler to bring the CO2 temperature down to 45°C max.).
  • PRE-COOLER /DRIER– A pre-cooler is installed to reduce the gas temperature down to about 10°C so as to partially condense and remove the water contained in the gas. This maximizes downstream equipment performance and efficiency. The dual-tower drier unit removes moisture from the gas. The dew point of the CO2 at the downstream of the direr is -65°C.
  • DUAL TOWER DEODORIZER- Removes impurities such as organic and sulfur compounds.
  • LIQUEFACTION / STRIPPING SYSTEM- This process condenses CO2 gas to liquid form by chilling the gas so as to reduce the temperature to -26°C. This process consists of a refrigeration system. We generally opt for ammonia system. In this process non-condensable gases contained in the CO2 are removed partially within the condenser and finally in the stripping unit. The final product CO2 can go upto 99.98%.
  • LIQUID CO2STORAGE TANK - The purified liquid CO2 is received in the storage tank and ultimately either filled into road tankers or bottles. Liquid CO2 from the storage tank can also be converted into dry ice.

Equipments for Handling of CO2

  • Liquid CO2transfer pump
  • CO2cylinder filling pump.
  • CO2Manifold System.
  • CO2cylinder testing bench.
  • CO2


  We manufacture LPG, propane and ammonia vessels for transportation as well as storage of various capacities ranging from 500 Liters to 100000 liters. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms. The tanks are provided with all accessories like safety fittings, valves, pipelines etc. We can even undertake turn key installations. 08

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The LPG / Propane tanks are designed as per ASME Section VIII, Division.1& 2, BS 5500, IS 2825 or as per the clients requirements.


We design and manufacture all types of high quality pressure vessels for different industries. Pressure Vessels are available in several different closure styles, materials, and sizes. They have been designed for use at very high temperatures and pressures. As per the end application needs, these pressure vessels can be delivered by us in different finished configurations. 09

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These mainly comprise of :

  • Vessels for Water Treatment Plants
  • Vessels forOIL & Gas Industry
  • Vessels for Refrigeration & Cryogenic Applications
  • Vessels for Gas Storage
  • Vessels for Shipping Industry
  • Vessels for other Heavy Industries


Transportation of liquid, O2, N2 & Ar We design, manufacture and supply storage and transportation tanks for liquid oxygen, nitrogen & argon using high quality raw material for various industrial needs. Our product is equipped with safety fittings, valves, liquid transfer pumps as well as other instruments to make it secure for transportation. 10 Specifications & Features :
  • Capacity from 5000 liters to 20000 liters having design pressure ranging from 2 bar to 18 bar.
  • Material of construction shall be SS X5CrNi 18 10 for inner vessel and carbon steel for outer vessel.
  • Insulation – vacuum and per-lite filling.
  • Third party inspection by LRIS, BVIS, DNV, TUV or any other Inspection agency as per clients requirement.


The choice of control structures for distillation column is an important process so as to achieve better practicality and process value in the given process. As there is no single structure that would benefit all columns, here we have to treat each of the columns independently. Here, our team of experienced industry professionals assist us in arriving at structure that is reasonable for all columns that allows fixing -
  • Reflux and temperatures
  • Suitability for binary applications
  • Suitability for multi-component mixtures
  11 As an important aspect of distillation control system, the choice of good control structure also help in achieving superior manipulated/controlled variable pairing that in turn leads to superior control performance. Here, the comparison as well as selection of structures are mainly based on plant condition number where columns having reflux ratios less than unity/greater than five show large condition numbers. Features :
  • Team support of experienced engineers in designing effective and optimum control structures for distillation columns
  • Expertise in coming up with distillation column control system through systematic procedures
  • Expertise in coming up with different type of control structures as per different types of distillation control system
  Selection Parameters Our team holds expertise in selecting ``best'' control structure based on selection parameters including -
  • Volatilities
  • Product purities
  • Reflux ratio
  • Column pressure
  • Cost of energy
  • Column size
  • Composition of feed


Our expertise is in manufacturing an extensive range of distillation columns for various industrial requirements, using materials like Alloy Steels, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Cupronickel etc. We are also equipped to design and manufacture any size columns based on customers requirement and specifications. 12  

Types of distillation columns

There are different types of distillation columns and each one of these are designed to successfully handle specific types of separations as required in particular industrial process. The main segregation includes:

Batch and Continuous Distillation Columns

  • In batch distillation column operation, feed to column is introduced batch-wise and then distillation process is carried out.
  • At completion of task, next batch of feed is introduced.
  • In continuous distillation columns, the process involves a continuous feed stream where there are no interruptions.
  • These type of columns are able to handle high throughput’s.

Types of Continuous Distillation Columns

As more popular types, continuous distillation columns can be further classified into:
  • Binary column
  • Multi-component column
  • Multi-product column
  • Extractive distillation
  • Packed column
  Specifications :
  • Can be delivered in capacities up to 500 M3(5,00,000 Liters water volume).
  • Can be delivered in diameters of up to 5.5 meters.
  • Can be delivered in shell and dished end thicknesses of up to 100 mm or more.
  • Can be delivered in weights of up to 150 tons or more.
  • Can be delivered in lengths of up to 35 meters or more (with field joints).
  Material of Construction : The construction material choices include:
Carbon Steel LTCS
NACE & HIC resistant Material SS (300 & 400 series)
Duplex stainless steel Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Cupronickel Aluminum & Aluminum alloy
Monel Inconel
Nickel Nickel Alloys
Hastelloy Titanium
  13 14 15 Trunkey Project
Comfort Air-Conditioning Textile Humidification
Pharmaceutical Air-Conditioning Evaporative Colling Systems
Clean Room Requirements Pressurization and Ventilation Systems
Industrial Air-Conditioning Dust Extraction Systems
Process Air-Conditioning Turn-key Solutions to HVAC problems
Closed Controlled Air-Conditioning Humidification and Air Washer Plants
We undertake Turn Key Projects in highly specialized and related area of Air-Conditioning Humidification and Ventilation. Our Expertise in HVAC Turn-Key projects include:
Each turn-key project taken up at PAT starts with designing the systems and detailed project planning to execute the whole project with predetermined perfection. This is ensured by our well equipped design wing where most advanced design and engineering techniques and softwares are used to suit any specific requirements. These customized designs are materialized with the aid of sophisticated manufacturing facility coupled with dynamic and experienced production team tp produce the widest product range amongst the best companies in India. In the process of production we make sure to adopt quality control measure at each stage to adhere to the world's best standards. We give our clients an attractive routine maintenance and service package to enable them to get the best output of the erected plant, consistently. We aim at achievement of excellence through the ideal combination of our expertise in manufacturing equipment and system design.