Utility Systems Engineering

The Utility System Division of iepc is engaged in providing comprehensive engineering services, from conception stage to completion, for all the required utility services, systems, equipment and pipe work in the fields of metallurgical, mining, chemical, power, nuclear fuels and heavy industries.

With its widespread knowledge base embodied in its excellent human resources, technical data base, reinforced with the computer hardware and software along with expertise of the highest order, it occupies an eminent position in its own field and can provide high quality engineering services in this field for projects in India and other countries.

The nature of services provided by Utility Division of iepc includes the following:

  • Preparation of Feasibility Reports, Detailed Project Reports.
  • Estimation of utility requirements, sizing of utility systems equipment, development of layouts.
  • Total pipe work engineering including pipe sizing, pipe routing, flexibility analysis and detail drawings
  • Procurement Services (Preparation of tender specifications, tender evaluation and recommendation, vendor drawing checking etc.).
  • Supervision Services.
  • Commissioning assistance.

The following plant areas are covered by the activities of Utility Division:
Utility Plants and Piping Systems :

  • Generation Plants (Oxygen Plants, Acetylene Plants, Air Compressor Plants etc.
  • Storage Installations (LPG/Propane Bullets, Buffer Vessels for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Argon etc).
  • Industrial hydraulic, lubrication and pneumatic systems.
  • Industrial piping systems (for natural gas, fuel oil, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas, oxygen, nitrogen, argon etc).
  • Fire Protection Systems (includes Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm systems, Fire hydrants, Sprinkler systems).
  • Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems :
  • Air-Conditioning Systems..
  • Ventilation Systems (Dry and Washed Air).
  • Chilled Water Plants & Cold Drinking Water Plants
  • Process Cooling & heating.

Thermal Power Plants :

  • Power Plants including captive power plants in steel and other industries (covering equipment & piping of Feed Water System, Steam System, Condensate system and other auxiliary systems).

Air Pollution Control Systems and Noise Control

  • Dust and Gas Cleaning Systems along with waste disposal by pneumatic conveying and other systems.
  • Fume Extraction and cleaning systems.
  • Local exhaust systems for various industrial processes and mining.
  • Gas recovery systems (e.g. Converter Gas Recovery).
  • Waste heat recovery from gas cleaning/cooling systems.
  • Noise reduction and control (e.g. Acoustic enclosures, barriers, insulation & linings, silencers etc.)