Petroleum Refining

A Leading Designer of New and Revamped Clean Fuel Production Facilities

Fluor executes a wide range of design and construction projects for Clients in the downstream market, from single-unit revamps to multi-billion-dollar grassroots petroleum refining complexes. Our technical experts have experience optimizing the design, procurement and construction of Clients’ distillation, hydroprocessing, FCC, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units.

Fluor’s global oil and gas employees can quickly access Knowledge OnLineSM, Fluor’s 24/7 knowledge management system, to efficiently meet any process plant challenge. Additionally, Fluor’s team of process engineers is easily linked with some of the industry’s most renowned specialists.

Our expertise in the total integration of utility and offsite systems for grassroots and revamped facilities generates cost savings for Clients and enhances pre-commissioning and start-up schedules.

Clean Fuels
Fluor is the world’s leading designer of new and revamped clean fuel production facilities. Fluor has significant clean fuels experience over the last decade and is currently executing clean fuels projects for several refineries. We use this experience to help Clients throughout North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa produce clean fuels to comply with tightening environmental regulations.

Fluor has corporate agreements in place with all major clean fuels licensors to help accommodate fast-track projects. We work closely with our highly skilled global engineering centers to provide capital efficiencies for Clients.