Oil & Gas

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Arctic engg
IEPC Group’s expertise includes some of the arctic engineering community’s most well regarded individuals. We are well positioned to see your project through to successful completion even in the harshest environments

Our experienced professionals provide the continuity and solid support needed to ensure consistent results and provide integrated solutions throughout the lifecycle of onshore and floating LNG facilities.

Pipeline 2
IEPC Group has a powerful track record of reducing costs, improving schedules, managing risks, maximizing safety and delivering other critical project objectives.

We offer a full array of Greenfield and Brownfield solutions to assist you with designing and safely managing your offshore assets.

Onshore & Unconventional
onshore 5
We provide the expertise, resources and global reach that can make all the difference in planning, executing and managing your onshore capital programs, assets and operations.

Refineries & Petrochemicals
IEPC Group supports refinery & petrochemical projects as small as a few thousand dollars to over one billion.

Upstream Services
o Petro technical data integration (PTDI)
o Enterprise asset management solutions
o Digital oil field solutions
o Future workplace
Midstream Services
o Enterprise solutions
o Enterprise asset management
o Integrated pipeline management system
o Pipeline demand forecasting

Downstream Services
o Integrated refinery performance management system (IRPMS)
o Emission management system
o Fuels value chain optimization
o Enterprise solutions
o Enterprise asset management solutions
o Plant automation and design solutions
o Health safety environment solutions
o Supply chain management solutions