Coal Mines


IEPC though started as a company performing the role of excavation of stipulated quantity of overburden has grown into its present status of offering a complete solution to the mining segment which involves planning for the total project resources comprising of establishment of complete systems and equipment for designing of infrastructure like haul roads, overhaul of repairs and to facilitate the core mining activities like drilling, blasting, controlled blasting, designing dumps, following the environmental aspects integrated into every aspect of mining. For the purpose it had in its human resources well qualified, experienced professionals. It has association with other expert agencies which can provide all allied works. All these complex processes will be attended with maximum productivity minimum loss of time thus offering value and with reliability.
“Overburden Removal” in mining operations in open cast mining can be defined as the process of cohesively engaging capacity and productivity factors of men, machines, money, matter and time to excavate the overburden or the earth layer, facilitating and resulting in extraction of the underlying mineral. The process operationally involves blast hole drilling, blasting, controlled blasting, excavating, loading, dumping and hauling of overburden. This process is predominant in open cast mining. Optimum productivity in minimum time results in real productive efficiency.

Core Mining Operations
• Blasting/Drilling
• Excavation /Loading
• Transportation /Dumping

Mine Construction Services:
• Site access roads
• Mine site clearing and grubbing
• Site facility earthworks
• Construction of complete mine site mill facilities and plants
• Mine reclamation
• Leach pad construction
• Tailing dam construction

Contract Mining Services:
• Pr-stripping
• Production “peak” shaving
• Mine operations and management
• Crushing and mill operations
• Engineering services, such as feasibility studies, budgeting and mine planning assistance
• Construction services, such as site access roads, site clearing and grubbing and mine reclamation